About us

Opened 137 years ago in 1886, the quarry is the second oldest business in San Leandro, CA.

Shaping the East Bay's Infrastructure

The company’s uniquely hard and vivid rock played a pivotal role in the construction of transportation and utility infrastructure in the local area.

The Lee Family

Uhl Barrett “U.B.” Lee saw potential in this quarry and purchased it in 1934. Under the Lee family’s ownership, the quarry served the local construction industry for over 50 years before concluding its rock production in 1988.


Residential Vision and Recreational History

The early 1990’s saw multiple residential development visions that were not able to be developed. Between 1996 and 2007, the Boulders Golf Center opened on the western 18 acres of this property, adding a recreational amenity that the community enjoyed for over 12 years.

Alameda County’s Measure D in 2000 passed, which froze the property’s zoning as Agriculture and altered the property’s future course. EBMUD held a purchase option on the site for permanent trench soil storage, but this potential project recently ended in October 2023.


Over the decades, the quarry also intermittently assisted local law enforcement by offering space for a firing range, SWAT training ground, and even a helipad for training drills.

90 Years Strong

Today, with the reins still in the hands of the Lee family for 90 years, the San Leandro Rock Company stands tall, echoing its vibrant past and holding promises for an exciting future.

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