Zoned Potential

Explore the Multifaceted Zoned Potential of This Property

Wholesale Nursery

Utilize the hard, compacted ground, five acres of artificial turf, on-site water supply, and nearby customer base of retail nurseries and landscapers to grow and showcase your plants and trees.

Winery and Brewery

The property’s proximity to a large urban population makes it ideal for establishing a winery, microbrewery, or olive oil mill. You can create a hub for production, administrative offices, visitor centers, tasting rooms, and marketing activities.

Equestrian Center

Current zoning permits the grazing, breeding, or training of horses, providing an excellent opportunity for an equestrian center. Additionally, the property allows for the construction of up to 60,000 square feet of covered arena space, making it ideal for such venture.


Outdoor Recreation

The property boasts a strategic location – situated in close proximity to a large urban population, the 5,000-acre Lake Chabot Regional Park, and a private swim and tennis club. With these attributes, the location presents a prime opportunity for the development of a variety of outdoor recreation facilities with the requirement of a conditional use permit. Adding to its appeal, the property still features much of the infrastructure from an award-winning golf driving range that operated here for over 12 years.

New Buildings

Each parcel has the following development potential for greenhouses, covered arenas, and ancillary structures supporting your agricultural business.

Type of Building Chart

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